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FTP - What's it good for?

FTP is short for "File Transmission Protocol." It basically offers an alternate method of transferring files over the internet, without using e-mail attachments. Once file sizes reach a certain size, let's say over 1 megabyte for dial-up access (over one million bytes of information) they tend to get bogged down when sent as e-mail attachments. If you have access to broadband or other high speed internet access, FTP can still be useful for much larger file sizes.

Most Internet Service Providers allow a certain number of files to be transferred using FTP. It's a temporary storage space where Zebra Graphics can send a file for you to retrieve, or you can send a file for Zebra Graphics to use in a job.

During the design process, we create electronic proofs for clients, using Adobe Acrobat. The proof files are saved as Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format) files, and can be opened on clients' Macintosh or Windows computers using the free Acrobat Reader application ( These PDF files are generally small enough to attach to e-mails to send to clients, however, for larger projects, such as color brochures, we sometimes choose to save the PDF file to our FTP site. Once we have stored the file at the FTP site, we will call or send an e-mail message letting you know the file is there ready for your access. There is never any time delay in sending or retrieving a file from an FTP site (well, as long as the service provider's equipment is working properly!).

To access Zebra Graphics' FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Site:

via browser, call or for an email link 503-663-0816

or via an FTP program like Fetch or's hot program "Transmit." (Macintosh):
User ID: ftpoutgoing
Password: call or for password 503-663-0816
Directory: leave blank


Use an FTP file utility program like Fetch or's Transmit (Macintosh) or the Windows equivalent:
User ID: ftpincoming
Password: (call or to obtain a password)
Directory: (leave this blank, your files will automatically be placed in the "ftpincoming" directory)



Phone 503.663.0816
Zebra Graphics / Portland, Oregon 97221 USA

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