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Full Color Business Cards
$99.95 Prepaid

Full Color Business Card Sale

Business Card Promotion, gives you 1,000 Full Color Business Cards at an amazing price.

Make 1,000 outstanding first impressions with full color business cards printed on durable 14 pt. cover stock with glossy UV coating.

Act now for this amazing offer –
call 503-663-0816

Amazing Business Card Offer


  • 1/2 hour layout time
  • Client provided logo and/or photo
  • 3.5x2 inch business cards printed in full process color on 14 pt stock with UV coating
  • Delivery in local Portland metro area
  • Orders must be prepaid to receive sale price

Additional options:

  • Printing full color ink on both side of cards, ADD $50
  • Additional layout time at $85 per hour
  • Logo design package or design services

On the Lighter Side:
250 Full Color Business Cards $59

Don't delay, call now for this limited time offer.

503-663-0816 or


Phone 503.663.0816
Zebra Graphics / Portland, Oregon 97221 USA

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latest issue of Zebra Graphics Communiqué.

Just for Fun!

level 0 -- Easy to win.
level 1 -- Not as easy.
level 2 -- You MAY win (only when you start).
level 3 -- Odds are against winning (WAY against).

Business Cards: Your First and Lasting Impression

(continued from email)

Never hand out just one card. Always give two or three so others may pass your card on.

Before giving up your card, put a personal note on the back. It can be as simple as "Thanks for your time!" Present your card with the note facing upwards and your other cards right side up. They will notice the personal touch now, and remember it later when it counts.

Consider having your picture on your card. People often forget a name, but rarely a face. Especially if you are in an industry that is competitive such as real estate or insurance.

Your business card can be the hardest working piece of marketing collateral you have. It represents you and your business long after it leaves your hand.

It should:

  • Represent the image/brand of your company
  • Be durable, you want it to be around for a while
  • Make a statement, stand out, be unique
  • Be your first marketing piece
  • Say who you are, what you do and how to contact you

Your business card opens the door, starts conversation, jogs memories, and is used as a marketing referral tool. Make sure your business card is your first and lasting impression.

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