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Testimonials from Training Recipients/Seminar Attendees

"I was very impressed with how well the presentation flowed. It reached everyone from beginner, to people familiar with Photoshop; we all learned a lot!"

-Ron Reno, Print Technician, Placentia-Yorba Linda School District, Anaheim, CA

"Rick was very easy to understand. It wasn't intimidating to ask questions-the environment was open and friendly."

-Pamela S. Pelster, Graphic Designer, ShowPower Design, Anaheim, CA

"The quality of the instructor was superior!"

-Dr. Maria T. Fernandez-Porter, Associate Professor, United States International University

"Instructor was interesting, funny, extremely informative."

-Christine T. Kato, Communication Specialist, Boeing, Anaheim, CA

"Rick is a great teacher. He speaks at a layman's level and is gentle in how he presents information; especially clear and articulate."

-Laura Woodruff, Brentwood, CA

"The attention to individual questions was very impressive."

-Trudi Dufek, Art Director, Northern California Labels, Long Beach, CA

"Very good presentation, clear and concise!"

-Larry Underhill, Photographer, Allied Signal, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

"Great guy, the speaker: nice, helpful, funny!"

-Katy Brand, High School Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles, CA

"Rick was well organized and kept the group on track. His knowledge of the printing world and computer graphics was well-shared. Good examples, patient."

-Linda Greenbow, Owner, Say It With Style!, Santa Rosa, CA

"The speaker was very easy to follow in describing the different Photoshop effects."

-Kris Souza, Graphics Assistant, Phonic Ear, Santa Rosa, CA

"The time-saving hints and special techniques were worth the cost of the seminar!"

-Catherine Markey, Senior Process Assistant, U.S. Customs Service, Santa Rosa, CA

"I liked that there were real working samples and examples that are applicable to the working environment."

-Kevin Tracy, Designer, Windsor, CA

"The speaker was clear and knowledgeable with a nice sense of humor added in to help make the class easy to follow and enjoy."

-Robin Krutein, Vice President, PhotoVault, San Francisco, CA

"Excellent! Instructor was very knowledgeable. Structure was easy to follow."

-Anonymous Administrator, Walker, San Francisco, CA

"Information was presented in a clear and concise manner with a touch of humor."

-Pat Sprague, Graphic Artist, Prudential Real Estate Professionals, Portland

"Great presentation to the variety of technical skill (levels) such as very beginners to those with extensive use."

-Samantha Burgin, Prepress/DTP, DocuMart Copies and Printing, Portland

"The material was very specific. Most classes try to cover just general material. Also, the inclusion of real situation experience was extremely helpful."

-Nathan Powell, Product Manager, The Moore Company, Portland

"Real to life demonstrations from a 'user' gave us a relaxed atmosphere during the presentation. More like a co-worker rather than an instructor."

-Brent Stein, Shelf Management Specialist, Mt. Hood Beverage Company, Portland

"It exceeded my expectations. Rick was an outstanding instructor."

-Anthony W. Graves, Director of Sales and Marketing, Predator Software, Inc., Portland

"Far exceeded my expectations - very pleasant, very informative, very fun."

-Andy Heddon-Nicely, Heddon-Nicely Advertising, Portland

"Rick presented a complex subject in a very interesting and informative manner."

-Lewis Tycer, Owner, Tycer Marketing, Portland

"It was easy to follow and entertaining."

-Char Simantel, Graphic Designer, Portland Community College, Portland

"It's so much easier to learn from a good speaker and visually, rather than plowing through manuals."

-Marti Fulfs, Advertising Manager, The Bookie, WSU Bookstore, Spokane

"Very personable instructor; interested in outside questions."

-Gerald Steffen, Graphic Designer, College of Agriculture - WSU, Spokane

"When the day started and Rick said beginners would find help, I was expecting disappointment. Instead I found this an excellent program, covering many advanced techniques without losing the participants - it was great!"

-Ann Martinson, Owner, M Group Environmental, Spokane, WA

"I always figure if I can walk away with 1 or 2 new ideas it was a good workshop. With this workshop there is so much terrific information, I can't wait to start working with the program."

-Debora Kimball, Marketing Manager, Columbia Paint and Coatings, Spokane

"The speaker did a very good job of deciding how much detail to present and in what order, given that it was a one-day seminar and the audience was largely beginners."

-Linnea Dayton, Co-author, "The Photoshop 4.0 WOW! Book," Seattle, WA

"What I learned was well beyond my best expectations!"

-George Berthiaume, Air Reserve Technician, USAF Reserve, Tacoma

"Wow!! As a new user of Photoshop, I can hardly wait to get to work in order to try these new methods."

-Lori Osgood, Administrative Services Sr. Officer, WSECU, Tacoma

"The Photoshop seminar is set up for all different experience levels. I appreciated the fact I can follow along to my level of knowledge and increase my knowledge beyond that point."

-Beth Hjalseth, Marketing Director, Architects BCRA, Tacoma, WA

"Although the general content was basic Photoshop, I continuously learned new things throughout the day, and I've been using Photoshop for five years!"

-Katrina Lyon, Graphic Artist, Allsop, Inc. Bellingham, WA

"It didn't feel stressful or rushed. This helped me, especially as someone who had never opened the program before."

-Cindy Kaufman, Features Copy Editor, The Bellingham Herald, Bellingham, WA



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