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Phone/Fax Modem Line Sharing Device.
What can this little device do for me?

phone fax modem switch Did you ever have to tell someone "Call me first before you send me a fax..."? You may not realize it, but those little inconveniences can be costly in lost sales.

If you have a small office or home office, and are saving expenses by having a shared phone/fax line, you can still project the image of a larger office or business by investing in a phone/fax modem line sharing device, or phone/fax switch.

This small device sits near your phone and fax, with phone cords connected from the phone jack to both your telephone and fax machine. You present your phone number to your clients as a "phone/fax" number, and when your client sends a fax, the line sharing device answers the call, listens to determine if the tone is a phone call or an incoming fax; then it's routed instantly. Voilà! Your business has just expanded to new capabilities, and you can give out your fax number with confidence. All for less than $70 in most cases!

Some line sharing devices offer additional features, such as the ability to set up the device to call your cell phone or pager to let you know you've received a fax. Remember, this is the 21st Century! Technology can be a boost to your small or home office business.

Featured above is the Command Communications Comswitch 5500 3-Port Phone/Fax Modem Line Sharing Device, which is available through by clicking on the text link or image.

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