Oregon Outdoor Landscaping

"Creating a refuge, a place of relaxation from everyday life."

Oregon Outdoor Landscaping Inc
Oregon Outdoor Landscape Water Feature

Fire and Water Features

Let us intrigue you...

Patios and Pathways

We believe that in order to create a warm inviting patio or pathway it should be an extension of your indoor living area.

Outdoor Lighting

With custom outdoor lighting you have the ability to make your garden dance in the moonlight...

Retaining Walls and Steps

Using walls and or steps allows your garden to take on its true shape.

Outdoor Structures

Outdoor structures can be such an instrumental part of your outdoor living area and landscape.


We will hand select and design your structure to provide sophistication and durability


Today’s vast selection of material allows us to create almost any imaginable patio or pathway.

Synthetic Lawns

Eco friendly green spaces